Still nothing?

Meh, whatevs.

Gotta eat, ya know?


No progress, no new thoughts, nothing. Probably not going to touch it until after Christmas. Oh well.

Check it.


Earlier, I was talking about writing some scripts up to submit to Two Pages/Two Voices. Well, here’s one of ‘em:


Haven’t written much of the script in the past few days. I’ve been gearing up for Two Pages/Two Voices, trying to find my strike zone so I can send out something good again this year, and I think I’m getting there. Wrote something the other night, and write another one tonight, so I’m getting closer. The problem with two page scripts is figuring out when an idea has hit it’s potential. The instinct is to go for as little as possible. Make it one moment or one twist or one whatever. As soon as that becomes too big or you’re having to give too much backwater, you’ve list it. So I generally stop after getting it on paper. It’s two pages long, I’ve got two characters, great! Done!

But it’s not. The editing is almost harder, cause you’re playing with lines and you’re trying to fit the entire idea into just two pages and cutting a line of dialogue is cutting a way hire percentage out of two pages than it is out of 120 pages, so even the smallest tweaks can have a huge effect.

So I haven’t been up to nothin’, but I haven’t made any progress either. Onward.


Friday night, all my other work is done. Do it.